February 7th

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My week in Taco Hell


Food Court Week Part 2

As you may have read in my previous post Jack of all food courts, we are not yet consistently perfect with our lunch choices but we have improved and are getting more consistent all the time. I could tell you many stories of how bad I once was but the one story that stands out in my mind is my week of taco hell.

Back then, one particular popular ‘mexican’ fast food restaurant was a 2 minute walk from our former workplace. Scott, my good friend and manager at that time and I went to the demon restaurant one fine Monday. We ordered, enjoyed, ignored the dietary value and carried on.

On the Tuesday we headed out for lunch but could not decide where to go. As we stood out front of ‘the bell’ we shrugged our shoulders and said, why not?

Day 3, we thought, how funny would it be if we went again and we did. As we left there that Wednesday we challenged ourselves to make it a 5 for 5 week.

So, Thursday, we went back. I got something different each day so kept up that streak and Scott, my trusty fast food friend had his usual Chicken Quesedilla and Nachos with Cheese sauce and a coke.

Friday came and we stuck with our plan. Everyone in our office was impressed, not so much with our stupidity but more so our ‘stick-to-it-ness’. We were heroes, unhealthy heroes.

That was a fairly low point for me and that weekend got me rethinking my outlook on my midday food choices. Shortly thereafter was the turning point when I started to eat right and exercise. It took some bad vacation beach photos and  a broken down elevator to finally wake me up. I had climbed to 240+ lbs when I finally decided it was time to get on track. I didn’t visit that dark place for a long time despite my love for mexican food – authentic or fast. In the last year or so I have used running as an excuse to eat at places like this on occasion but I know these visits are far too frequent and I am decidedly on track again.

Dave & Anita

Dave & Anita

At age 43 and neither unfit, nor of perfect health, we have a lifestyle that requires constant focus. The “go, go, go” lifestyle of a being working parents gets the better of us. 5 years ago, we made major life decisions to quit smoking and get healthy, which for the most part has been successful. Anita, is an outstanding partner in our busy lifestyle and manages to be a dedicated mother. As a full time worker who travels regularly, she is no stranger to the dangers of living the life where meals are being fit into tiny windows of time each day. Together, we are making this journey even more interesting as we move through the Ace Your Health program and share how they apply it applies to our entire family. As a recreational runners, you can follow along to see how this quest of 'Ace Your Health' improves our marathon performances - click here to visit my running and fitness blog

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