October 20th

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I’m writing this from the treadmill, so I apologize in advance for any errors, sweat or curse words! But according to Theresa, (and my hips), you need to work off an extra 200 to 500 calories for every restaurant meal you eat.  Holy Cow!  I mean that literally, I wish the cow (aka burger) I ate last week for my birthday celebration had been filled with holes rather than wrapped around a delicious bun, filled with smoky Gouda cheese, guacamole and other yummy goodness…because frankly, it is simply not worth it.

This week Ace Your Health offers restaurant survival tips.  Theresa offers some tips on what type of cuisine and possible food suggestions to keep the sodium & calories to a minimum.  Luckily, I live in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive around a mountain and cross over a river to get to gastronomic heaven, otherwise known as Montreal.

However, it seems as if Theresa is simply daring me to go eat out in a restaurant – a challenge is akin to a double dare, something I could never resist as a kid – so we are off to the Thai restaurant down the way…

My favorite dish is a tofu vegetable dish, really & truly!  I think that’s because no matter how many time I have attempted to bake/saute/fry/grill tofu, it somehow always comes out like pudding. Ugh.  So it is a meal I adore – when made by others.

Armed with my Ace Your Health Book, I decide to forgo the springroll and head for the soup.  They have a delicious Bangkok soup that they offer to serve, sans noodles.  It is spicy and fresh and dare I say it, leaves me not reaching to un-do the top-button of my curvy bootcut jeans! The dish comes with a cup of white rice and I admit, having it on the plate and then trying not to eat is distracting and annoying – next time I will simply ask them not to bring it because this dish is overflowing with veggies and tofu, and the rice is not necessary.

Theresa also offers tips for eating on the road & in hotels, including a recipe for  Room Service Banana Oatmeal.  I try to convince my husband that what Theresa really wants is for us to check into a hotel and try this dish, that it may even be part of my job requirement, and that with her money -saving tips ( Travel with packets of plain unsweetened, unsalted instant Oats) we’d practically be saving money….double eye-roll and a grunt.  Oy!



My name is Marci. I run an online clothing swap for women that I started when I realized my own closet contained a range of 6 sizes to accommodate my ever-fluctuating weight. I am also an almost 40 year old mother of two who has decided to stop blaming her *thyroid* issues for making her eat copious amounts of pizza and chips. I have read every book, clipped every article and still cannot seem to make sense of a very simple concept – live healthily. To date, the only things I have managed to *ace* have been my poker face and my love for all things chocolate. I am looking forward to sharing this journey through Ace Your Health. Let’s just see how it goes this time!.... www.spaghettiandspanx.com


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