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March Break hunger


by Lola  .  Monday 14 March 2011  .  0 Comments

snack crackers

Ah march break, a time to relax and rejuvenate, right? You’d just like to stay in bed and relax. For us teens and students, that can be our reality! As for our parents, they have to get up and go to work, do chores, do whatever they have to do just like every other weekday. The only thing we can do is stay out of their hair.

But what about food? When all you’re doing is lazing around, what choices can you make to stay healthy and happy this week, (or two if you’re lucky!) I mean, normally mom makes breakfast but I am sleeping until long after she has gone to work. And, usually I have packed a lunch for school so I don’t have to scrounge and beg. But now I am at home and no one is looking after my tummy troubles.

There’s a few things I am counting on to be my go-to solutions:

  1. Home made coleslaw for when you’re craving a crisp light snack.
  2. Banana bread with peanut butter saves the day when I’m craving a sweet snack.
  3. Wraps with melted cheese and spinach (I don’t even mind the whole grain ones mom buys)
  4. Bagels with Brie and pear
  5. Crackers with olive hummus
  6. Leftovers (or as my mom calls them “Second Suppers”)

All of these are 2 minute meals that I can pull together without even getting out of my jammies.  Like I said, Ah, March Break!



Lola lives with her parents and pet in a large urban centre in Canada. She is 15 years old and highly engaged in her own life, learning and growth. Her hobbies are dance, drama, leadership, photography and facebook. She is a pretty typical teen who atypically lives with an intensely motivated healthy mom. She will share her thoughts du jour here in hopes that other moms can understand their kids a little better. Sometimes she will engage her friends to guest post and all comments will be monitored by that intensely motivated healthy mom. Whatever.


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