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Canned Sunshine


by Marci  .  Tuesday 15 March 2011  .  1 Comment


Canned sunshine.

Totally one of the reasons I adore Theresa!!

An unassuming  everyday can of tomatoes, when chosen wisely, becomes canned sunshine, Theresa explains.  I could use me some of that right around now!  This week Ace Of Spades encourages us stock our pantry shelves wisely.

To be honest, I always felt a bit guilty even walking down the canned food aisles, convinced that every can I selected just proved what a rotten cook/mother I was. And how terribly lazy I must be (guilt much? YEP!!). Just like last weeks challenge in the freezer section, I am amazed that after 20 years of visiting grocery stores, I am finally getting them now. Paradoxically, I am spending less time in them but finding more to choose from! And making better choices, to boot!!

As usual, Theresa offers great tips and suggestions. And then I have to decide which ones I can incorporate or translate into something my somewhat picky kids will eat and enjoy.  I have given up cooking separate meals – it was a short-term solution that years later is driving me bonkers!! So, with every choice I make, it needs to meet the criteria I have set for myself but also be a meal I can expect my guys to eat. I wish that they a shared my sense of  palate when it comes to food, but alas, no olives, onions, liver, coffee or artichokes for them yet….

So I was  totally floored by their love of canned salmon this week.

Theresa talks a lot about fish and really addresses the *mercury* issue well.  I picked up a few cans, crossed my fingers, smothered it in mayonnaise (ok, a small dollop) and served on crackers (yeah yeah, whole grain!!). Not only did they enjoy, they asked for seconds. I refused. Not because I’m cruel (though I certainly can be – insert evil cackle here) but because when I find something they both  like I have to make herculean efforts to not over do it. I think it will be years before I attempt to serve them smoothies, after  the eight days straight I fanatically served  it to them last year.  Ditto for vegetarian chilli and rice cakes.

Btw, have you seen how you can purchase canned salmon these days?? Skinless Boneless goodness…no more picking gingerly throught the can, trying to discard the silver fleshy bits and jumbled bones. I honestly think I squealed when I opened up the can!!

My next new favorite discovery this week has been sauerkraut. The fact that its fermented is kind of gross. But the fact that this means it’s like having your own personal cleaning crew, “sweeping out some of the DNA damage” cancels out the grossness. As does the taste!

So far this week, I have eaten it with chicken, in a pita with cheese, aside some turkey sausages and most memorably, atop a few portabello mushrooms, marinated and grilled.  OK, I am slowly beginning to get  the whole repetition turns to aversion theory my kids keep reminding me of. My goal is to continue to enjoy it (thinking atop a hot dog maybe??) without getting sick of it anytime soon.

Do you have any foods you’ve over-done it on??



My name is Marci. I run an online clothing swap for women that I started when I realized my own closet contained a range of 6 sizes to accommodate my ever-fluctuating weight. I am also an almost 40 year old mother of two who has decided to stop blaming her *thyroid* issues for making her eat copious amounts of pizza and chips. I have read every book, clipped every article and still cannot seem to make sense of a very simple concept – live healthily. To date, the only things I have managed to *ace* have been my poker face and my love for all things chocolate. I am looking forward to sharing this journey through Ace Your Health. Let’s just see how it goes this time!....


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    Theresa Albert
    March 16, 2011 at 5:53 am Reply

    Isn’t that so true? It is such a delicate balance! What they want, what we need, how much time and money are available… Its so true too that a mother’s instinct is to do what works until it doesn’t work anymore. Herculean effort indeed to keep up the variety. :)

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