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My Journey Through Ace Your Health-6 of Spades


I throw away more meat than I actually eat.

I throw away raw chicken if it is more than a day old.

I throw away ground turkey if it smells funky. And ground turkey always smells funky.

I throw away cooked beef if it sits out for more than 30 minutes.

And whatever does not get thrown away? Well it gets cooked 20 minutes longer than necessary. Always.

Really, I should not be eating meat. I am never comfortable handling it cooking it, preparing it and just barely enjoy eating it.  I frequently smell it before I eat it. My husband *adores* when I do this.

Or rather, I should not be eating meat prepared by me. I have no problem eating your meat. It seems I have no faith whatsoever in my ability to make an e.coli/salmonella free dish of meat but have all the faith in the world that you do. Ignorance is not just bliss but yummy too!

This means that we naturally tend to eat less meat. It also means we tend to eat more than the occasional bowl of cereal for dinner too, ugh!  So stocking up with beans is an awesome alternative. Besides, the fart factor is part of the appeal, according to my boys!

Some dishes we have discovered include:

  • Rockin Moroccan Stew
  • Lentil Soup
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Bean Burrito
  • Bean Salad

I will never give up meat, nor do I think I need to. I do believe that I should continue to reduce the amount of animal-based  products that I ingest though, and this chapter helped to reinforce those beliefs.

Believe it or not, my one year old nephew is my inspiration. His mom is a vegan, who also happens to be an Olympic athlete and holds a masters in nutrition. When it came up in conversation that their plan (for now) is to raise their son a vegan ( and really, why wouldn’t they?) I was a bit sad on his behalf. Even though my kids now abhor McDonalds, there is still something special, like a rite of passage into kid-hood about a McHappy meal…or the occasional hot dog, roasted in your own backyard…cheese fondue and ice cream!!!! None of that for this little guy.

And then I join them for lunch. And sweet baby is eating red kidney beans and olives like they were candy-coated steaks.

And then they came for supper and he devoured the avocado and grilled vegetables and hummus like nobody s business.

And then I ate my words.  Because how can this not be so much better for him than  processed chicken nuggets or questionable hot dogs I’ve given to my kids in the past.

So I am not a vegan nor are my kids. But I think that this journey I am on – coupled with this little one year old’s fondness for tofu & chick peas – will make me more mindful of our over-all animal consumption.

Besides, if I can ‘t introduce him to the wonders of sloppy joes and Kraft dinner, I can take him  to the awesome candy store down the street instead!!



My name is Marci. I run an online clothing swap for women that I started when I realized my own closet contained a range of 6 sizes to accommodate my ever-fluctuating weight. I am also an almost 40 year old mother of two who has decided to stop blaming her *thyroid* issues for making her eat copious amounts of pizza and chips. I have read every book, clipped every article and still cannot seem to make sense of a very simple concept – live healthily. To date, the only things I have managed to *ace* have been my poker face and my love for all things chocolate. I am looking forward to sharing this journey through Ace Your Health. Let’s just see how it goes this time!.... www.spaghettiandspanx.com


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