August 18th

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“Selfish” is not a Luxury


While we all experience that “out of balance” feeling in our lives, it is important to acknowledge that it is a natural part of being human.

The research shows that most Canadians feel that their lives are currently out of balance out of balance. One quarter of Canadians working a 50 hour plus work week compared to 10% in 1991.  To create difference, we need to examine the balance between how much we ‘give to the self and how much we give to other things in our lives’.  We tend to compromise ourselves rather than the other parts of our lives such as work, family and friends.

If we imagine a faucet and a sink where the faucet is turned on and the sink is filling up with no drainage then the water will eventually fill up the sink until it begins to overflow. If we compare this to the self, we begin to understand that if we continually give to other things in our lives without giving to the self, we will eventually feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Therefore, our task is to continually find appropriate ‘outlets’ or ways to nurture the self in order to be able to give to all the other things that matter in our lives. To do this, we need to be able to shift our view of ‘taking care of the self’ acknowledging that it is not a luxury but a necessity.

Susan Barron & Renee Climans

Susan Barron & Renee Climans

We are both accomplished Social Workers (Masters of Social Work and Registered Social Workers) with extensive backgrounds in counselling/coaching with individuals, couples, families and groups. Throughout our over 25 years of professional practice, we have worked and consulted in a variety of health care and corporate settings.In addition,we have served as field instructors for Social Work students, presented guest lectures at Ryerson and University of Toronto, presented training workshops on a variety of wellness topics to corporations and institutions across Ontario, presented locally, nationally and internationally on various topics in the field of health care, and have published articles for several journals and are involved in a variety of support group initiatives.


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