April 3rd

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We’re Back – And On Track

jamaica - a swirl of badness

Before I get myself caught up on reporting on my trials and tribulations of Acing My Health, I’d like to do a quick report on what’s been keeping me from blogging regularly.

It has been a mad house in our little world. Not long after returning from Australia where I managed to get through a week of traveling for work without being bad and getting plenty of exercise, we were ready to head off again.

This time, to the lovely tropical Jamaica. All Inclusive. Trouble. A family vacation where traditionally, we treat ourselves to eating what we want for one week. This is always fun and we usually try to get back on track as soon as possible. in the past few years, I have been goal driven to try not to be too, too bad and get as much exercise as possible to offset this habit.

Yes, All Inclusive, trouble.

The worst part of this particular trip was the food at the resort we stayed at. It was not fabulous by any means and we kept trying different things in order to satisfy our desires. End result, too many calories and from bad sources. We couldn’t event get decent salads!

Add to that, the bars are open. Walk up, order a drink, order two, save yourself a walk back, order 5! Fruity slushy, rum based drinks dominated and under the hot sun, tasted great! Thankfully, I had the discipline to get up early to beat the heat for some running. But not enough. My Buffet Belly returned to Toronto, full and happy and contributed to about a 6lb gain over the week. Criminy!

I must confess, I was the weaker one on vacation. Anita is good at not putting crap in her if it’s not really tasty. Useless calories she always says.

We’ve been back a week now and the groove of being good is going well. We’re even back on track with Theresa’s delicious Muesli, our favourite change of the year so far.

Read more about the trip on my Running Blog

I will be back shortly, with more on how I have been doing with Theresa’s guidance and a couple of Ace Your Health Chapter assignments.

I feel so delinquent!

Dave & Anita

Dave & Anita

At age 43 and neither unfit, nor of perfect health, we have a lifestyle that requires constant focus. The “go, go, go” lifestyle of a being working parents gets the better of us. 5 years ago, we made major life decisions to quit smoking and get healthy, which for the most part has been successful. Anita, is an outstanding partner in our busy lifestyle and manages to be a dedicated mother. As a full time worker who travels regularly, she is no stranger to the dangers of living the life where meals are being fit into tiny windows of time each day. Together, we are making this journey even more interesting as we move through the Ace Your Health program and share how they apply it applies to our entire family. As a recreational runners, you can follow along to see how this quest of 'Ace Your Health' improves our marathon performances - click here to visit my running and fitness blog

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