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Ingredients – Too Many To List


Ace Your Health – 5 of Spades

This week (well, it was actually a couple of weeks ago) We took a journey Through Ace Your Health – 5 of Spades

Since this journey was a slight variation on a previous chapter, Nine of Spades where we did some more ‘careful’ grocery shopping I didn’t get too excited about having to read labels again.

But man, I am glad I did. We sometimes slip into our comfortable ways and start guessing at what is good by, reading the Marketing Banners that have very slack guidelines to follow in order to claim the product inside is ‘low trans fats’; ‘light’; ‘low-cal’ etc. So, in our limited time, we did some label reading, or re-reading and yes, you really have to stay on top of this folks. I swear, some labels and ingredients have changed over the past few years when we first started reading them more carefully. Check and check again is the way it is going to have to be.

Of course, the way we have solved, or are trying to solve the ingredients issues, is to make everything we can, ourselves, from scratch and whole healthy foods as the ingredients. I find we enjoy the end product that much more knowing exactly what is in it. There’s really no need to dissect it any further than that. But I know for sure, we will always need to, for convenience or some other reason, purchase prepackaged, canned, jarred goods so knowing how to read labels and shop for them is so important.

Of course, now, even though it has not been that long since we’ve done this before, we have to go through our cupboards and get rid of (some of) the crap we have purchased this year. Sheesh!

At the moment, the suffice “-ose” is a dirty word in our house.

I’d be curious to know if you readers are looking through your purchases and re-reading the labels. It’s amazing how much junk is in there when you really take a look.

End note 1: Theresa offered up a delicious cracker recipe in this chapter which looks simple enough to make and tasty too. We are trying to get around to making them but life around our house lately has been in a hyper speed mode and we’re not finding a whole lot of home time to do such niceties as baking. But soon. Have any of you readers tried to make these crackers? Any feedback for us?

End note 2: We have been really trying to reflect on the changes that Ace Your Heath has guided us through  this past first quarter of the year and in retrospect, it seems like all is going well. I have had some great results in my running escapades which I would definitely credit some of that to some better eating habits and routines.

You can catch up on some of them here: http://www.beachesrunner.com/

~ Dave & Anita

Dave & Anita

Dave & Anita

At age 43 and neither unfit, nor of perfect health, we have a lifestyle that requires constant focus. The “go, go, go” lifestyle of a being working parents gets the better of us. 5 years ago, we made major life decisions to quit smoking and get healthy, which for the most part has been successful. Anita, is an outstanding partner in our busy lifestyle and manages to be a dedicated mother. As a full time worker who travels regularly, she is no stranger to the dangers of living the life where meals are being fit into tiny windows of time each day. Together, we are making this journey even more interesting as we move through the Ace Your Health program and share how they apply it applies to our entire family. As a recreational runners, you can follow along to see how this quest of 'Ace Your Health' improves our marathon performances - click here to visit my running and fitness blog

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