August 18th

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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

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We also need to begin to examine the influence we have over our own lives beginning with ourselves.

Here is a telling quote by Mohandas K. Ghandi. “I have only three enemies. My favorite enemy, the one most easily influenced for the better, is the British Empire. My second enemy, the Indian People, is far more difficult. But my most formidable opponent is a man named Mohandas K. Ghandi. With him I seem to have very little influence.” There is a connection between our physical and emotional well being. Our minds and bodies are connected. We can be proactive by recognizing that we do have the ‘control’ over our journey toward ‘balance’.

We simply need to make the choice to take control over the practices that will make the difference. That which you focus on will happen.

Susan Barron & Renee Climans

Susan Barron & Renee Climans

We are both accomplished Social Workers (Masters of Social Work and Registered Social Workers) with extensive backgrounds in counselling/coaching with individuals, couples, families and groups. Throughout our over 25 years of professional practice, we have worked and consulted in a variety of health care and corporate settings.In addition,we have served as field instructors for Social Work students, presented guest lectures at Ryerson and University of Toronto, presented training workshops on a variety of wellness topics to corporations and institutions across Ontario, presented locally, nationally and internationally on various topics in the field of health care, and have published articles for several journals and are involved in a variety of support group initiatives.


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