April 19th

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Highway Blobbery – Life In The Fast Food Lane


Hello friends! Long time no talk…

Yes, I have been delinquent, I apologize and I really am trying to get back on track. To be completely honest, I have been delinquent in many aspects such as writing about my quest to Ace My Health, writing my personal blog and Acing my health in general.

I’ll even admit I haven’t stopped by here in a couple of weeks to check out all the goodness that Theresa has been writing about, as well as all the great stuff from our other bloggers. So tonight has been busy, busy, busy with reading and I have finally got around to writing. But of course I had to take a few minutes to Photoshop another wacky image for the post header.

So, as I was saying, downtime. This is pretty normal after a long session of training for a marathon. Long being several months which spanned from the end of last year until the end of April when I ran the Boston marathon. That is when I slipped. I got lazy and a bit unmotivated and it also developed into a bit of the old  ’I'll start eating healthy again’ … soon, yes, soon.

I won’t go on here about the details of my post-marathon blues but you can catch up at www.beachesrunner.com. Drop me a note there, to let me know you’ve visited.

Like I said, it’s normal (I think) for a lot of people to go through a period of being really good and then let their guard down and although I planned on staying on top of my game, I let it go and it sort of spiraled to a point I make excuses. Well, no more excused folks – it’s time to get back on track.

So we’re talking fast food in this, the final installment of the ‘Spades’ chapters. I don’t have my Ace Your Health book with me right as I left it at the work. It travels with me everywhere and thus, it occasionally gets left at the office. I do know that we were to compare fast foods, find some goodness in them, try to find some fibre, keep the fat down and make the best of the fact that at times, fast food is our only choice. Well, I didn’t actually make this a part of my lifestyle lately, but certainly, I have enough history to go on as we have been trying to beat the fast food trap for a few years now.

Theresa writes about the better places and I agree with her choices. We too frequent Tim Horton’s and Subway more often than any other of the nasty venues. We have driven, as a family, to Florida many times and if we’re stuck somewhere on ‘Highway Blobbery’ (yep, I just made that up, and I kinda like it) we look for a Subway as Tim Horton’s are generally left behind in Canada. Alternative to Subway, we try to find a mom and pop diner, or a decent restaurant where we end up at least being able to get a much better salad than any fast food chain can offer. They just can’t do salads fresh, or at least guaranteed fresh. On the rare occasion we do end up at a Wendy’s or (gasp) McDonald’s we abide by Theresa’s suggestion of half the dressing, which really is enough if you get it mixed in nicely. I can recall a few times using all of the dressing in the Asian Salad and it being sickly sweet and the greens over-saturated.

For some lunches and most dinners on the run, we opt for more of a full service, sit down style restaurant versus fast food chains. reason being, the selection of healthy or semi healthy options are simply much better. It costs more and that’s the way it goes. We’re fine with that. In fact, it is clearly obvious that the low relative cost of fast food restaurants is one of the main reasons most that North America is so unhealthy. It’s not just due to the convenience factor. Many people, unfortunately, find it more affordable to eat junk. That goes for grocery shopping too. There are many inexpensive, and I mean very cheap options like frozen pizzas, lasagnas and fried chicken fingers etc, that make it to their tables.

This needs to stop!

Know your options, exercise them with conscientious smart decisions. And, whenever possible, pack you own cooler of healthy foods. On long drives you will feel better for it and your body will thank you!

Dave & Anita

Dave & Anita

At age 43 and neither unfit, nor of perfect health, we have a lifestyle that requires constant focus. The “go, go, go” lifestyle of a being working parents gets the better of us. 5 years ago, we made major life decisions to quit smoking and get healthy, which for the most part has been successful. Anita, is an outstanding partner in our busy lifestyle and manages to be a dedicated mother. As a full time worker who travels regularly, she is no stranger to the dangers of living the life where meals are being fit into tiny windows of time each day. Together, we are making this journey even more interesting as we move through the Ace Your Health program and share how they apply it applies to our entire family. As a recreational runners, you can follow along to see how this quest of 'Ace Your Health' improves our marathon performances - click here to visit my running and fitness blog

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