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The Kitchen Garden Cookbook

kitchen garden

The Kitchen Garden Cookbook
Edited By Caroline Bretherton

Synopsis –

This book is a guide to all of those with a kitchen garden – a space where you grow fruits and or vegetables for your own family, and if you are lucky to have a bumper crop, maybe some other lucky families too! With recipes, picking and cooking tips as well as ideas on how to preserve your bounty – this book provides you with all the information you need once you are ready to reap the rewards of your green thumb.

Don’t have a green thumb? Buy one!  I think this book translates well for anyone who tries to eat seasonally and purchase their food from local suppliers.

Best Of The Book –

What really struck me about this book was the layout. I loved how it was broken into seasons then by ingredient. It makes it easy to find what you are looking for and helps you to plan out what you will be eating seasonally because you’ll know what is about to be ripe and ready to go. Not only in your garden, but also in your farmers market.

I thought the book had a lot of great information and not just for those with a garden, but anyone who frequents their local farmer’s market or tries to buy local when they can at their grocery store. Information on how to use ingredients in recipes, how to preserve them for future use so that you aren’t paying twice the price in the winter for something with less taste. And of course information on how to harvest your own if you were able to grow your own.

The pictures are another highlight. In the garden, finished meals and step by step of some of the more complicated preservation make for a well rounded, and very pretty book.

What Could Be Better –

I was hoping to get more information on the gardening aspect itself, but only because to date I am still pretty hopeless when it comes to growing my own food. But by only focusing on from harvest onward I will probably get more use out of the book since I end up buying most of my fruits and veg.

Target Audience –

This book really is for anyone with an interest in eating seasonally and locally. If you have a garden where you grow some of your own food you will get even more use from the book. But, if like me, most of your local food comes from ‘pick your own farms’ and farmers markets –  and like to stock up while at the height of the season – you will get a lot out of the recipes and preservation tips.

For More Information –

Visit Author Caroline Bretherton by clicking her name and the publisher DK books at

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi Lariviere

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