April 18th

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How Pimms and Penguins Help Me


My journey through Ace Your Health – The Four of Hearts

Unless you have kids, I do not think you will be able to appreciate what I am about to say. I do not mean to offend anyone or leave them out of the picture; it’s just what I think. There are days where I look at my kids and think how the heck did I get here? And while I love them more than I can explain, on these days I miss my life as a singleton. I am not evil for saying this, just honest. And trust me, I would not trade them in for all the wine in Australia. I just miss the good ole days, sometimes.

I miss the funky apartment I had on the corner of Oak and Broadway in Vancouver. The high ceilings, big old bathtub, hardwood floors and one (yes, only one) bedroom. I miss my tiny kitchen, my futon couch and my dial-up internet. On these days, I Iong for the simplicity of life. I woke up, went to work, came home, socialized and then went to bed. All to start the routine over again the next day.

My BFF lived a few floors below me and there were nights we would polish off a bottle or two of wine together. Or a friend from around the corner would come over and we would some beer. Or we would go out and order a cocktail.

And then I met Tim and rather than sit in my apartment, we would gather in the cockpit of his boat and drink wine. There was always wine. Or beer. Or spicy rum and pineapple juice (a sailor’s delicacy – anyone from the Whitby Island Race Week days reading this?).

But then we got pregnant and alcohol became somewhat of a no-no. And sadly that is when I lost my taste for it. Imagine being a sailor, sitting at anchor in some wonderful bay and not drinking. Other sailors look at you as if you are a leper. But try as I might, I couldn’t swallow the stuff.

Finally I got somewhat of a taste for it back, only to discover alcohol, wine in particular, contributes to my IBS flare-ups. Great. So folks, I am allowed to sometimes miss the old life. Doesn’t mean I want it again, I just wish I could jump back for a day or two and be there again. And them come home and cuddle my angles.

For a few years I stopped drinking. And I suddenly realized just how much I had missed it. I missed sitting down with Tim, after the kids went to bed. And sipping a glass and talking about our days. I missed the good ole days when I could sit quietly and enjoy a glass or two. I missed my old life.

So, rather than languish in the world of “Missing”, we are now trying to re-introduce me to the world of booze. Tim has some Pimm’s and I must admit I like that. I have tried my fave gin and tonic and can drink that. But what is really hitting the spot these days? A nice bottle of Shiraz by Little Penguin. Yum. Vancouver racers may remember the spinnaker with the Little Penguin logo on it. I do. And while I am not an expert on wines, I do notice the chocolate and fruity flavours – who can complain about that? And best of all, this wine is great for a barbequing night or a romantic evening by the fire. Slowly the taste for booze is returning. I now have a drink or two per week!

So as you can see, sadly, or maybe not, alcohol is not a factor in my battle against the muffin top.



Heather Lochner is a mother to two wonderful and energetic children and a freelance writer. Together with her children, husband and dog, she has recently relocated to Toronto after spending 15 years on the West Coast – many of which were spent living aboard her sailboat. Heather loves to exercise but always finds a reason to sit on the couch. While she knows carrots, whole wheat pasta and lean meat are good to eat, Heather loves to munch on a burger, chicken wings and poutine. Heather loves to cook, but is notorious for ruining every batch of chocolate chip cookies. She looks forward to seeing what’s in the cards during this Ace journey....www.heatherlochner.com


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    June 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm Reply

    Oh, I’m so with you about the old days. However, I’ve never lost the taste for a cold beer or a glass of wine. And yes, it’s a likely contributor to my muffin top!

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