April 19th

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Tori Spelling? VIP? NBD

tori spelling mccain

The problem with the ever enticing celebrity mags, is that their portrayal of celebrities is WAY off. Today I got the absolute PLEASURE of meeting Mrs. Tori Spelling. Some of the moms may know her from her Beverly Hills 90210. The ORIGINAL. But the teens will know her from her Reality tv show series with her husband which ran for 5 seasons.

I went into the event with the idea that all celebrities are kooks that get paid to pretend they know what they’re talking about. Oh no. Tori knew exactly what she was talking about, she was able to relate to her own life, and was EVEN a little bit noticeably nervous! She was there to talk about McCain ultra thin pizzas and said she was happy that they were ladylike and lower cal for her. She also told us how her son (a no-veggie guy) felt better about eating the spinach pizza when she told him it was green like the Hulk, a superhero pizza.  He ate the veg! She’s  a happy mom.


Now THAT’s reality. Perhaps the way those magazines show celebrities make us think that living in La La Land, makes you a clone. Perhaps we have to see past the paparazzi photos and we should take a look through the lens of a down to earth photographer who can see right through the Hollywood glitter. Look through the lens and see a VERY pregnant, VERY beautiful woman, trying to make her mark on the world. Hey, aren’t we all?



Lola lives with her parents and pet in a large urban centre in Canada. She is 15 years old and highly engaged in her own life, learning and growth. Her hobbies are dance, drama, leadership, photography and facebook. She is a pretty typical teen who atypically lives with an intensely motivated healthy mom. She will share her thoughts du jour here in hopes that other moms can understand their kids a little better. Sometimes she will engage her friends to guest post and all comments will be monitored by that intensely motivated healthy mom. Whatever.


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