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Dinner Time Submission


My Journey though Ace Your Health… The Seven of Clubs

Like many parents, I spent the better part of the last five years worrying about what my kids ate. Did they eat enough vegetables, are they eating too many fruits. Did they get their daily amount of calcium; are they eating enough. And coupled with all these concerns is the fact that I do not want to make food a battle ground. I have seen, first hand what happens when teens view food as the enemy. I had a friend in high school who wasted away in front of us. It was horrible to watch and that image of her as a skeleton has stayed with me for all of these years.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks tended to go relatively smoothly – its the darn dinners that were the killers. I used almost every strategy; always making sure there was a protein, carb, and vegetable to eat. I tried:

  • No leaving the table until your plate is done
  • Hiding food – ala Jessica Seinfeld
  • Making meals that appeal to each member of the family
  • Making kid friendly meals that had some mommy/daddy food on it
  • Keeping their unfinished dinner on the table if they get hungry later in life
  • if you don’t like what is on your plate, you can eat cereal

And then I read somewhere to let it go. To make sure that during the day the kids get the food/nutrients they need; so that when dinner comes, you can relax a little.

So, I shook my meals up a little. Breakfast became a meal like oatmeal with an egg cracked into it, a bagel with cheese melted on it, scrambled eggs with diced vegetables. They also would munch on a piece of fruit while walking to school.

Lunch would have a cold-cut sandwich, cheese and crackers, an apple; you get the picture.

Snacks during the day consisted of cashews, almonds, bananas, edamame…

So come dinner, if they wanted cereal or pasta and cheese; I could say yes and make sure they had enough to eat over the right thing to eat.

Added to all of this, we suspect my daughter is hypoglycemic; making protein all the more important. Bedtime snacks need to fill her up and not raise her blood sugar levels.

It has taken us years to find this balance, but I think we are almost there. Well, until they change again and throw a new challenge at us.



Heather Lochner is a mother to two wonderful and energetic children and a freelance writer. Together with her children, husband and dog, she has recently relocated to Toronto after spending 15 years on the West Coast – many of which were spent living aboard her sailboat. Heather loves to exercise but always finds a reason to sit on the couch. While she knows carrots, whole wheat pasta and lean meat are good to eat, Heather loves to munch on a burger, chicken wings and poutine. Heather loves to cook, but is notorious for ruining every batch of chocolate chip cookies. She looks forward to seeing what’s in the cards during this Ace journey....www.heatherlochner.com


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    nadia frost
    September 23, 2011 at 1:28 pm Reply

    Thankd for sharing Heather! I agree. I don’t want to fight over dinner either!

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