October 2nd

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Jams & Jellies In Less Than 30 Minutes


Jams & Jellies In Less Than 30 Minutes
By Pamela Bennett

Synopsis –

Want to make your own jams and preserves but don’t have the time? Not so – this book has 55 different recipes for jams and jellies made in small batches that will take you 30 minutes or less to finish. Minimal work for maximum flavour – these jams and jellies are great for breakfast on a bagel or toast, perfect served at an elegant brunch or complimenting your favorite ice cream flavour. Many also pair well with roasts or add a punch to a marinade or sauce letting you use your sweet and savory creations in numerous ways.

Best Of The Book –

The recipes are the stand out stars in this book. They have all your favorites plus some extra special jams and jellies like ‘Lemon Blueberry’ or ‘Cranberry Pear Relish’ and even ‘Cantaloupe Jam’.  The recipes are only a few steps, so even the most inexperienced cook can pull them off and in no time be making preservative free goodies using in season fruits.

What Could Be Better –

My only issue is with the quantity size. I know that because they are making the jams and jellies sans preservatives (thus they only last about 3 weeks in your fridge) they make them in small batches. Problem is, you taste these lovely preserves and you wont have any left a couple days later! A problem easily solved by doubling up on the amount of ingredients called for… and perhaps by keeping a secret stash of jam you do not need to share with others!

Target Audience –

A great book for anyone looking to make healthier jams and jellies (no preservatives and less sugar) with minimal effort and time. It’s also great for anyone looking for fancy flavours of jams and jellies but not wanting to pay $6 for a 60ml teeny tiny jar. They make a great gift and using and re-using containers is more environmentally friendly than buying a new jar each time.

For More Information –

Pamela Bennett grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and graduated from Crofts College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She owned and operated Black Sheep Baskets in Dallas, Texas, which featured her jams. She now lives in Provo, Utah.

Publisher Gibbs Smith can be found by clicking here.

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi has been blogging since January of 2008 with her first venture ‘Simply Fresh’ – a blog about the Ottawa food scene, local ingredients and other local foodies. She also contributes a food column to the Russell Villager and has begun her second blog, ‘Vegging for Two’, an expectant Mom’s guide to healthy eating. As a “friend in food” she writes Jodi’s Re-views covering cookbooks, health books and food fiction to keep learning about what’s going on out there in the beloved world of food! You can find Jodi by visiting her two blogs: Simply Fresh – www.simplyfreshottawa.com Vegging for Two – www.veggingfortwo.com Or via email: simplyfresh(at)live.com or Twitter (@SimplyFresh)


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