May 21st

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Lessons Learned the Hard Way


My Journey Through Ace Your Health, The Five of Spades

I believe I learn lessons the hard way. Before I met my husband, I dated my fair share of dolts. Each one similar to the last. Until one day my BFF told me to stop selling myself short and aim for higher than a beer guzzling hunk with a pea-sized brain. Soon after, I met Tim.

My lessons of hard knocks extends beyond the love life and transcends to the computer world. One would think after the “never will die, so store everything on this” hard drive actually did die, I would learn to back-up my precious photos in more than one place. But alas, my fiasco of last year made a second appearance when my trusty terra drive died over the weekend, along with every photo I had left of the kids (we are hoping for a successful recovery and a large bill to accompany). We are presently researching a triple redundant system that includes a drive that is to be stored off-site.

And then comes the lessons of dietary kind. Yup, I know McDonald’s is bad for me; and that is why I only ate the french fries tonight. And still,  feel sick. I know to eat my breakfast, but far too often (in the past, of course) I skipped it, in favour of a low-fat latte.

And then there is organic debate. My household is 90% organic or locally grown. I drink organic milk and only buy organic meat. I buy my vegetables at the farmer’s market or grow them in my garden. I try to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables as much as possible. I consider myself well educated.

And then I read this week’s chapter and need to think about the buying only organic chicken debate. I buy it on sale and stock up at those times. I know they are not pumped full of hormones, so why am I buying organic? Have I become a victim of marketing or am I making the right decisions for my body? Has organic hysteria gripped my my pocketbook? Do I now buy the air chilled family pack of chicken thighs or stick with my green, organic label routine?

I have no idea!






Heather Lochner is a mother to two wonderful and energetic children and a freelance writer. Together with her children, husband and dog, she has recently relocated to Toronto after spending 15 years on the West Coast – many of which were spent living aboard her sailboat. Heather loves to exercise but always finds a reason to sit on the couch. While she knows carrots, whole wheat pasta and lean meat are good to eat, Heather loves to munch on a burger, chicken wings and poutine. Heather loves to cook, but is notorious for ruining every batch of chocolate chip cookies. She looks forward to seeing what’s in the cards during this Ace


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