October 28th

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BPA Dangers During Pregnancy

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The news on BPA just gets worse and worse.  Another study links mom’s exposure to BPA while pregnant to the child’s behaviour at age 3. What? This study took urinary levels of BPA in mom’s urine at 16 and 26 weeks of gestation and then assesses the children at ages 2 and 3 for anxiety, depression, aggression, hyperactivity and attention.  What they found was that the higher the BPA, the more these negative behaviours were affected. Oh boy.

So we know that we have to use glass bottles and not use plastic to warm food or to serve warm food out of. But that’s all after baby is born.  Is it also common knowledge that mom has to avoid the same things while pregnant? Not just for her own health but also for the health of her baby.  BPA is an endocrine disrupter which means that can act like a fake key in some pretty important locks.  Places were hormones are built and brain chemicals are made could be messed with.  These are issues that may not play out for decades to come but if the current body of investigation is any indication, it’s not going to be pretty.

I didn’t know when I had my baby. In fact, I occasionally warmed her milk in a cheap plastic sippy cup for which I will eternally shudder.  But it is also true that my parents didn’t stop me from dancing in the mosquito fogging (aka PCB) at the campground. How do we reconcile this stuff?  I take a deep breath, apologise, forgive myself and do my best to make up for it. No point in dwelling.

Some of the items to avoid may surprise you.  Beyond water bottles and baby bottles there’s also:

Many tin cans are lined with BPA plastic (buy organic if possible)

Condiments in plastic bottles should be kept to a minimum (buy glass)

Dental Sealants

Thermal paper (basically every receipt you received for your safer purchase)

I have to admit, that last one was new to me. I may even have handed my child the receipt to hold to keep her busy from the grocery store to the car. Now that we know, we have to store and discard these papers appropriately.  You don’t want them in your kids hands or mouths and you surely don’t want to recycle them! Think about it, they then get turned into paper towel and napkins, toilet paper and tissue…


Theresa Albert

Theresa Albert

I love food, try to watch my weight, know more than I want to about healthy living (sometimes I wish I knew less so I wouldn’t feel so guilty when I stumble), am a daughter, sister, friend, mom and wife who worries and scurries the meals onto the table. It is for all these reasons that I completed my nutrition, RNCP designation, wrote my book, hosted my Food Network show, consult with food companies to urge them to get it right (or at least better), constantly write about it, research it, all of this so I can cut through the nutrition and food “news” clutter. Happy to share with friends!


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    Mary Fabiano
    October 27, 2011 at 4:33 pm Reply

    What? Seriously? The receipts I have in my purse & constantly am touching, then touching my kids??

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