October 28th

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Zombie Cupcakes


Zombie Cupcakes
By Zilly Rosen


It’s pretty much what it sounds like. A book with 16 different varieties of zombie cupcakes. Each recipe comes with illustrated design step by step instructions as well as basic recipes for icing and decorative toppings. It’s a fun way to add a little homemade flare to a very processed treat filled holiday!

Best Of The Book

The designs in this book are awesome! And rated by difficulty which, for a novice cake decorator like myself, is a wonderful thing. The book is also popping with colour which I just loved. The step by step instructions are great once again for those who are new to making gum paste figures for their cakes. Another little tidbit that makes this book such fun, zombie trivia. How well do you know your pop culture zombies? I know a bit more now.

What Could Be Better

With only 16 designs I was left wanting more! But luckily the book also shows you how to make some additional extra toppings such as shovels and tombstones so you can continue the fun coming up with your own design.

Target Audience

I think this book is great for anyone who loves to get into the halloween spirit. Kids will also love working on the easier designs and working their way up to the more complicated ones. As an added bonus, you will be left with a spooky treat that is homemade as well as impressive. Sorry mini chocolate bars, Zombie Cupcakes have


Jodi Lariviere

Jodi Lariviere

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