May 21st

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Thank you Theresa Albert


My journey through Ace Your Health – the Three of Spades

Okay before I go any further, let me just say this – I cook with tumeric, curry, cumin and and a whole shwack of other spices. I love flavour and as such my kids are use to these non-Western spices. I hope these help with our health as we move through the years and decades. My husband, once as meat and meat and meat and potatoes kinda guy, has now come to love my constant (and not always successful) attempt at international cuisine. We have moved beyond Shake and Bake and have embraced Korma and Five Spice.

Now that we have established that, I need to tell you how Theresa saved me this week.

You see, as I have mentioned before, my daughter is hypoglycemic. If she hasn’t had enough to eat during the day then watch out because a wild beast will become unleashed. And with her starting kindergarten this year that beast has made regular appearances at our home. I try to pack healthy and filling foods for her lunch – foods that I know are both good for her and she will eat. But each and every day, her lunch bag comes home with a half eaten lunch. She would eat salami everyday if she could, but I put the mommy kibosh on that.

So this past week was one of the worst ever. Each day, she came home hungry and almost inconsolable. I felt for and tried my best to help but by day four of roof raising tantrums, I too was suffering. So, I began to think – what calmed her” And I came up with high fat, sugary foods – like pudding. From that, the rest came easily. I remembered the recipe Theresa had written about, high protein chocolate spread, which called for pure cocoa powder and maple syrup. I then read a recipe by Jessica Sienfeld that was similar and had a cup of mashed avocado included.

Not sure how the avocado would work, I called Theresa. She assured me the avocado would not alter the taste and also took the time to let me know I was doing everything right. It is moments like this, just when you think you are at wits end, that a simple answer and a kind word can turn a bad day into a good one.

In the end, my kids did not like the chocolate pudding. But I didn’t give up. I made chocolate banana muffins and hid the spread in the mix. The muffins were demolished within hours and my happy princess is with me again.



Heather Lochner is a mother to two wonderful and energetic children and a freelance writer. Together with her children, husband and dog, she has recently relocated to Toronto after spending 15 years on the West Coast – many of which were spent living aboard her sailboat. Heather loves to exercise but always finds a reason to sit on the couch. While she knows carrots, whole wheat pasta and lean meat are good to eat, Heather loves to munch on a burger, chicken wings and poutine. Heather loves to cook, but is notorious for ruining every batch of chocolate chip cookies. She looks forward to seeing what’s in the cards during this Ace


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