December 6th

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Fed Up With Lunch


Fed Up With Lunch

By: Sarah Wu


A little while ago there was an internet sensation in the
world of food blogging known only as Mrs. Q. As a teacher in Chicago, she would
notice a big difference in her student’s concentration and energy levels after
lunch. She realized that many of them were eating the meal provided by her
school so set off to investigate by eating lunch every day at her school for
one calendar year. This book is a synopsis of all she has discovered.

Best of the Book

I find this to be very interesting subject matter. I love
learning about nutrition and food and how it impacts our bodies, especially
with children. Though my step daughter does not have the option for the same
kind of meals at her school as they do in the USA, I found it very easy to
relate to this book and it was a very easy and interesting read.

What Could Be Better

It can get a bit repetitive in places, maybe even a little
dry. But the author does her best to keep you engaged with tidbits and quotes
from students in her school about their opinions on food and their school

Target Audience

This book is for anyone who has an interest in school lunch
reform, nutrition in general (especially for children) or just likes to hear an
interesting perspective on what is currently a hot debate topic in the United
States and around the world.











Jodi Lariviere

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi has been blogging since January of 2008 with her first venture ‘Simply Fresh’ – a blog about the Ottawa food scene, local ingredients and other local foodies. She also contributes a food column to the Russell Villager and has begun her second blog, ‘Vegging for Two’, an expectant Mom’s guide to healthy eating. As a “friend in food” she writes Jodi’s Re-views covering cookbooks, health books and food fiction to keep learning about what’s going on out there in the beloved world of food! You can find Jodi by visiting her two blogs: Simply Fresh – Vegging for Two – Or via email: simplyfresh(at) or Twitter (@SimplyFresh)


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