March 6th

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The Bonne Femme Cookbook


The Bonne Femme Cookbook
By Wini Moranville


Bonne Femme – or good wife – is a book that takes the mystery out of French cooking with a series of simple, everyday recipes used by countless women all over France. Proving that delightful French cuisine is possible even with the busiest of schedules and without a lot of experience in the kitchen.

Best Of The Book

The recipes in this book are fabulous. They are simple and straightforward, taking all the fussy and complicated parts of highend French cooking out, and leaving only the delishious flavours and meals that you will be dying to make and share with your family. Meals are easy to prepare and have a real sense of comfort food around them, at least for me. Hearty and satisfying, I am certain that several of these recipes will make it into your regular rotation.

What Could Be Better

I wish there were more pictures! But with a book as jam packed with recipes as this one – honestly it is like a text book of easy French recipes – I can understand why each recipe didn’t get it’s own photo. And really, in the end I would rather have more recipes and less pictures for my money.

Target Audience

This book is fabulous for anyone who enjoys French cuisine but doesn’t necessarily like the fussiness that often comes with it. There is a time and place to learn proper cooking techniques, and there is also every other day of the week when you need something tasty and quick. This book fills the second requirement, offering French flavours

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi has been blogging since January of 2008 with her first venture ‘Simply Fresh’ – a blog about the Ottawa food scene, local ingredients and other local foodies. She also contributes a food column to the Russell Villager and has begun her second blog, ‘Vegging for Two’, an expectant Mom’s guide to healthy eating. As a “friend in food” she writes Jodi’s Re-views covering cookbooks, health books and food fiction to keep learning about what’s going on out there in the beloved world of food! You can find Jodi by visiting her two blogs: Simply Fresh – Vegging for Two – Or via email: simplyfresh(at) or Twitter (@SimplyFresh)


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