January 23rd

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My Friend Is Food


It has been a long time since I have written a post. Closing in on two months. The shame. The horror. But here I am, back to blogging; making a commitment to keep at it and be regular.

In my hiatus, I got around to thinking – what makes me happy? What creates my memories and carries me to a my special place. Take the picture I used for this post for example. It makes me smile. My son is cooking with me! I will never forget this day – we are gathered in my Mother In Law’s kitchen, cooking our annual Dumpling Dinner, when my son decided he wanted to help too. A happy time indeed.

Here are my top 10 things that make me happy:

1. My family

2. My husband (on most days)

3. My job

4. My friends

5. Snowboarding with Kim

6. A fabulous bottle of wine

7. Sailing

8. A good restaurant

9. Cooking a great meal

10. Eating delicious food

To be honest here, the majority of my great memories have centered around food. I remember meals with my mom on a Friday night. Stirfries my stepdad would good for us. Special dinners with my father. I remember cooking in first apartment with my BFF Kim. And a bike ride we took one fall afternoon when I tasted my first “cold soup”. I remember eating chocolate goop at camp and chocolate soup in small cafe down a hidden alley in Jerusalem. I think fondly back to my days of back packing at trying the different flavours of the countries I visited. I remember the worst meal I ever ate (twice cooked chicken with “just add water” gravy – a friend’s home in England).

In all honesty, this could go on for pages upon pages. The first meal my hubby cooked for me. My first bite after giving birth (yup, I ate a hamburger and sushi) and the meal I ate after burying my grandma. Food is something to be celebrated. It is what connects us to one another.

And so with my return to these pages, I tell you – Make Food your Friend and not your enemy. Make a memory. Create a meal to share. Eat wise, eat healthy, but most importantly, eat.



Heather Lochner is a mother to two wonderful and energetic children and a freelance writer. Together with her children, husband and dog, she has recently relocated to Toronto after spending 15 years on the West Coast – many of which were spent living aboard her sailboat. Heather loves to exercise but always finds a reason to sit on the couch. While she knows carrots, whole wheat pasta and lean meat are good to eat, Heather loves to munch on a burger, chicken wings and poutine. Heather loves to cook, but is notorious for ruining every batch of chocolate chip cookies. She looks forward to seeing what’s in the cards during this Ace journey....www.heatherlochner.com


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    June 18, 2012 at 5:24 am Reply

    Someone said to me that “The best chefs are great storytellers”, Heather if cook badly with that chocolate chip cookies maybe you could meet someone who can help you. Just be patient.

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