March 29th

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Outside The Box


Outside the Box – Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products
By Jeannie Marshall



This is the story of Canadian journalist Jeannie Marshall who moved to Rome with her husband. At first she delighted in the rich, natural world of Italian food and culinary tradition – a love that she started to pass on to her new son, Nico. But when Nico became old enough to attend school, Jeannie discovered that the Italian food culture was giving way to the Western diet of packaged, sugary and processed food in the name of convenience. Not happy to just sit back and let this happen, Marshall began diving into the issue of real food and how we can get back to eating it.

Best Of The Book

Such an interesting story. How does a country with a food history and culture as rich as Italy’s begin to erode in a single generation? Why do we have food products that we label ‘kid food’ that we know are not healthy, yet we continue to keep it in our regular rotation of meals, (I’m looking at you Spaghetti-o’s). It’s an eye opening adventure that really has you looking harshly at what we consider a quick and easy meal’.

I also loved that there are so many points of view in the book. From food crusaders like Alice Waters to Italian chefs, parents, food vendors, nutritionists and big food companies – I feel like every attempt to be balanced was made. But it is not without it’s bias, nor should it be. This book shows you both sides of the coin but remains firm in it’s belief that there is something wrong with the Western diet and fixing it is not as hard as we have been led to believe.

What Could Be Better

I can’t think of a single thing I would change. A very interesting read.

Target Audience

This is a great book for anyone who is interested in how and why we eat what we eat. Even if you don’t have kids, food and nutrition is something that affects us all.

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi Lariviere

Jodi has been blogging since January of 2008 with her first venture ‘Simply Fresh’ – a blog about the Ottawa food scene, local ingredients and other local foodies. She also contributes a food column to the Russell Villager and has begun her second blog, ‘Vegging for Two’, an expectant Mom’s guide to healthy eating. As a “friend in food” she writes Jodi’s Re-views covering cookbooks, health books and food fiction to keep learning about what’s going on out there in the beloved world of food! You can find Jodi by visiting her two blogs: Simply Fresh – Vegging for Two – Or via email: simplyfresh(at) or Twitter (@SimplyFresh)


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