August 18th

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Best Bets in booze

Best bets in Booze
What’s a party (or an afternoon on the porch for that matter) without a couple of drinks?

Hey, some studies even show that there are heart protective benefits!

As usual, though, there’s a catch: Women should limit themselves to one drink per day, men can have 2. (Note: If, and only if, you can afford the calories without gaining weight.)

That means that you must pay attention to getting all of the nutrients and calories your body needs from food before adding the empty ones of booze.

So how many empty calories in your best bevvie? And how are you going to work it off?

For each drink of the following you have, you will need to walk very briskly (so you are out of breath the whole time) for:

• 1 light beer (12 oz) = 110 calories or 24 minutes

• 1 vodka/soda (1.5 oz shot) = 125 calories or 28 minutes

• 1 glass of wine (5 oz) = 125 calories or 28 minutes

• 1 beer (12 oz) = 146 calories or 32 minutes

• 1 bloody caesar (1.5 oz shot + 5 oz clamato) = 156 calories or 35 minutes

• 1 vodka or gin/tonic (1.5 oz shot + 5 oz tonic) = 175 calories or 39 minutes

Life is nothing more (or less) than a series of tradeoffs. You get to decide which more and what less every day. It’s easy when you have all of the information.

Theresa Albert is an author and nutritionist in Toronto. She is @theresaalbert on twitter and found daily at

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