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Tuesday 25 September 2012 . (1)

When more is better

We are so training to think calories, calories, calories. Even when there is more evidence that being "overweight" isn't necessarily a bad thing. Even when we know that you can have 100 excellent calories or 100 crappy calories and that they won't burn at the same rate or do the same thing ...

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Jerk-ish Chicken

Monday 24 September 2012 . (0)

When I was first dating my husband, I was full on vegetarian so we ate a lot of tofu. One of the very few disasters he will tease me with is my attempt at jerk tofu. Don’t get me wrong, the seasonings where fabulous but the texture and fat free nature of tofu turned out. Continue Reading…

Why Slow Cooker Recipes Suck (+how to fix)

Monday 24 September 2012 . (1)

Ever wonder why slow cooker recipes lean so heavily on cans and jars (and are therefore stratospheric in salt)? It isn’t just that slow cookers are the tool of the rushed non-cooks, although that is part of its allure. It’s the inherent flaw in the cooking method that is to blame. There are two important. Continue Reading…

Drop the sugar to lose the fat

Thursday 20 September 2012 . (0)

Our bodies are not meant to process the intense sweetness of processed sugar. They are made to pull out the natural sugars that come along with other nutrients like the minerals in fruit and the fibre in whole grains.   Read  alternatives to sugar on Metronews- Click Here

Toronto food truck trend

Thursday 20 September 2012 . (0)

Photo by: Racheal McCaig   Artists don’t wait for approval, permits or government sanctions — they paint, snap, create and push the envelope. This weekend saw food artists do the same with their awesTRUCK 2012 celebration and competition at the Brickworks. Read article about FoodTrucks on Metronews- Click Here

What you don’t know about probiotics

Thursday 20 September 2012 . (0)

These days, all you hear about is probiotics. Do you really need them? Do they really affect your health? What happens if you don’t have them and what the heck are they anyway? Read recommendations on Metronews- Click Here

Tea Vs. Coffee

Tuesday 11 September 2012 . (0)

Switch just one of your cups of coffee with cream to tea with milk for a whole year and save yourself 9,125 calories. That represents 2.6 pounds per year. You could stand to lose 2.6 pounds this year without any work at all, right? There are benefits to both, but cutting down the coffee and. Continue Reading…

Birthday Creed

Monday 10 September 2012 . (1)

Today begins the week of my birthday. It will end with a gathering or five of friends from many corners of my life. It is way too easy to mope about the extra line across the bridge of my nose that wasn’t there last year or to be heartsick that my one and only child. Continue Reading…

Lunchbox for Learning

Tuesday 4 September 2012 . (0)

Its back to school time again and what gets packed in the lunch box can mean the difference between a focused learning afternoon and a trip to the principal’s office.  Here are my top tips for getting it right!   For proper focus, you want a steady stream of glucose going to the brain. Start. Continue Reading…


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