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Tuesday 23 October 2012 . (0)

Are Meal Delivery Services Good?

Theresa was recently interviewed for the Toronto Star about Meal Delivery Services.  Here are the highlights...   "One of the key hurdles for weight loss (or any other health issue for that matter) is creating a system within a life that works over the short, medium and long term.  When ...

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Southwestern Fish Sticks

Tuesday 23 October 2012 . (1)

Serves 6 Prep time: 15 minutes Everyone loves fishsticks when they are flavorful and un fishy and these ones are a breeze to whip up a double batch and freeze. Serve these with plum sauce and Guacamole. The addition of a mixed green salad makes this a light and nourishing meal full of good fats. Continue Reading…

Is sugar making us stupid?

Monday 22 October 2012 . (1)

You have heard of the metabolic syndrome or “pre-diabetes” but what if that is also happening in your brain, making it slower, each time you (or worse, your kids) drink pop, eat candy or suck back sugar in your latte? Recent evidence from studies conducted at the University of California and published in the Journal. Continue Reading…

Clean Food

Tuesday 16 October 2012 . (0)

Clean Food – A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source By: Terry Walters Synopsis This is a revised and updated edition of the 2007 hit book that introduced the idea of Clean Eating to the masses. Author Terry Walters is a holistic health counselor, food educator and motivational speaker, showing elements of each. Continue Reading…


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