February 2nd

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About Theresa Albert

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Theresa is a  Communications Expert, Author, Speaker, Toronto Nutritionist, and sought after multi-media presenter. She is a regular guest on the international daily lifestyle show CBC’ Steven and Chris and covering news on CTV Newschannel making sense of health news as well as CBC The National.

You will find her tweeting at www.twitter.com/@theresaalbert, pinning at www.pinterest/friendinfood.com and on facebook at www.facebook.com/theresaalbert. To lurk all of Theresa’s social activity in one spot check out  her personal page: www.rebelmouse.com/theresaalbert/ 

Named one of Canada’s Top 25 Tweeters by Today’s Parent Magazine and one of Savvymom.ca’s 35 Favorite Bloggers, she communicates about food and health where the action is.   Boundless energy and the ability to distill complex concepts into simple, achievable ideas are her key strengths. On occasion Theresa represents clients as a spokesperson but her  opinion or love can’t be purchased, if she doesn’t believe in a brand, she not only declines, but also uses this opportunity to help the product manufacturer to understand why. Improvement comes from open communication.

and as a feature writer, you can find her work in…

Canadian Living Magazine

Profit Magazine

Today’s Parent Magazine

Canadian Family Magazine

Metro Newspapers

Huffington Post


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Millions learned just how smart and funny she is through her Food Network Canada Show called Just One Bite! She has authored two books published in both Canada and in the US: Cook Once a Week, Eat Well Every Day and Ace Your Health, 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck.

Theresa is, among other foodie things, a Food Communication Specialist who writes a “Healthy Habits” column that is syndicated to esteemed online publications like:


healthzone.ca  (Toronto Star)











Canadian Mother Resource

Que Vida Rica

Prostate Cancer Canada


 Life in Pleasantville

Together Moms


For more info on Theresa, please see her corporate site www.theresaalbert.com


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