August 2nd

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Monday 7 March 2011 . (0)

Traveling Breakfast Solution

Breakfast on the road can be just as fraught as lunch or dinner. This recipe works well at home but is portable for the road. When you travel, always carry with you two of the health food store items that you purchased with the King of Spades: white chia and ...

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Healthy Travel Tips

Monday 31 January 2011 . (1)

I’ve heard it before: “I am really good at managing my meals when I am at home but when we are on vacation, look out!”  That’s not such a bad thing, vacations are for pleasure, travel is for fun.  You should dine in fabulous places and invite the whole world in through your taste buds. . Continue Reading…

On the road excercise

Monday 31 January 2011 . (0)

Whether you are a once a year traveler or a once a month-er, you will feel better and be able to do more/eat more if you keep moving. It doesn’t have to be the same workout that you would do at home but it does have to be something! There is the exercise where you. Continue Reading…

Flying Health

Friday 14 January 2011 . (3)

So this is my first blog post about healthy eating and living. I never would have thought you’d catch me saying that but here it is. Sure over the years I’ve tried to ‘get healthy’ with bike riding, walking more, eating out less, etc and I know I’ve done a good job of this but. Continue Reading…

It’s All Up Hill from Here!

Thursday 13 January 2011 . (0)

Trying to Eat Healthy in Big White and San Francisco I sit in my hotel room in San Francisco on the back end of another business trip. I thought the title was appropriate for two reasons; the front end of this trip was a conference and a day of skiing (down hill) in Big White. Continue Reading…


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