January 31st

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Private Nutrition Program

Had enough?

Is your lifestyle so fantastic (aka:demanding) that you have it all…including extra weight, fatigue, poor blood work, a doctor’s scorn or some other warning bell?

psst…you may need a little help in the health department.

Why fight with the clock to go to a nutritionist’s office and then get shoved back out into the wilderness, when one of Canada’s leading nutritionists will actually work withyou, as a partner, to achieve the goals you’ve set?

Theresa Albert,  DHN, RNCP  will cut through the confusion and get you RESULTS, and even save you time in the process. And the best part is…


 Theresa comes to YOU


Theresa Albert is an international author, sought after speaker and in demand media commentator, Food Expert for CTV News and Weight Loss Expert on  CBC’s Steven and Chris. She has helped countless executives, just like you, to turn their lives and health outcomes around. Discretion and RESULTS are unparalleled.

Some of the ways this “angel in your pocket” ensures success are:

Program 360

  • Holds appointments  in your Home/Office or hers
  • Conducts a personalized nutrition assessment of calories/expenditure/nutrient deficiencies
  • Creates individualized menus for breakfast/lunches and snacks
  • Sets up grocery delivery for home and office
  • Co-ordinates personal training
  • Co-ordinates naturopathic or MD referral
  • Analyses your favorite restaurant menus and makes recommendations
  • Outlines fast food choices
  • Audits in home fridge/cupboard
  • Counsels on travel food choices
  • Creates a travel sleep support/jet lag management system
  • Arranges supplement recommendations and delivery
  • Provides personal on on one access to support, motivate.. Theresa is all yours on speed dial/email/bbm/whatsapp…


In short, you now have the the trusted answer when tempted. Theresa takes on only a handful of clients and works with them, in their own trigger spaces, for  either a 6 or 12 month periods. Her success rate is outstanding as she sets your goals and gets your results with you, every step of the way.


Her concierge style of counseling will inform, enable and support you when needed and yet kick you in the pants when the job requires it. You can afford it, you can’t afford not to.

What are you waiting for? Start now!

Contact Theresa personally at:  theresa@theresaalbert.com


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