October 4th

theresa albert - my friend in food


Ace Your Health Private Nutrition Program


There is only one thing busy people crave even more than time…energy.

Now, one of Canada’s leading nutritionists  will work with you lose weight and to achieve that competitive edge. Taking care of your health is seamless with your energy enhanced the sprint to the finish line is in your sights.

Theresa Albert is a Health Expert for CTV News and Weight Loss Expert on CBC’s Steven and Chris.  She is a seasoned, in demand speaker, writer and commentator who understands the issues from the ground up. In practice she has helped countless executives, just like you, to turn their lives, drives and health outcomes around. For good.

Theresa Albert, DHN, RNCP will find the diet and implement the lifestyle system that is right for you.

 No need to leave the office, Theresa comes to you


The Executive Program


  • Appointments  in your Home/Office on your schedule
  • Personalized nutrition assessment ( calories/exercise expenditure/nutrient deficiencies)
  • co-ordinate with support staff for meetings/business dinners/in office snacks
  • Individualized menus for breakfast/lunches and snacks
  • Grocery delivery arranged for home and office
  • Restaurant analyses  and recommendations
  • Fast food suggestions
  • Fridge/cupboard audits
  • Travel meals/sleep support/jet lag management system
  • Supplement recommendations and delivery
  • Is on-call for questions and support


 Theresa counsels a handful of exclusive clients and works with them, in their own trigger spaces, for either a 3,6 or 12 month periods. Her success rate is outstanding, results your wayevery step of the way.


Her concierge style  will inform, enable and support you when needed and yet kick you into gear when the job requires it.

*Receipt provided for health plan, as a tax deductible medical expense or as business consultation.


Contact Theresa personally at:  theresa@theresaalbert.com




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