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Tuesday 21 August 2012 . (0)

Condiment conundrum

Everyone likes a burger on a hot summer day! Be careful what you top your babies with, and be able to enjoy them more often (and for longer). To read Theresa's tips about condiments on Metronews Click here

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Four steps to theme park food survival

Tuesday 21 August 2012 . (0)

Theme park season is upon us and in just one careless day, you can rack up a few thousand empty calories and a pound or two. Here is how to enjoy the day without paying the price for it. Read more about Teresa’s Tips for surviving a day at the theme park on Metronews

Star Program on CBC, the National

Monday 13 August 2012 . (0)

There is no doubt in my mind that we need some kind of system to guide better choices at the grocery store.  The Health Check System isn’t rigorous enough, any store brand system is merely marketing and Health Canada doesn’t seem to be moving  fast or far enough to implement change. That leaves you and. Continue Reading…


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